Jean-Pierre Makosso

Jean Pierre Makosso welcomes you to his home. You are invited to join with the people of Makosso Village and experience their way of life.

Makosso Village is a place of mystery and intrigue. It is a place of hopes and dreams. It is a place of stories that capture your spirit and bring you to places you have only imagined. It is a place of music and dancing that will release your spirit to soar with the eagles flying high above the jungles of the Congo. You will hear and see things that will cause you to laugh and to cry. Roar with the lion, run with the Giraffe and dance with the monkeys. Move your body to the rythym of the drums. Your view of life will never be the same once you have experienced the Village.

If you are unable to visit with Jean Pierre in his village, he will be happy to visit your village and bring some of his friends along. He will tell stories, dance and play the drums for you. During his visit you will feel like you are in the very heart of the Congo. He will introduce you to the lion, the giraffe and the monkeys. He will teach you the ways of his people and show you how to soar.

Please take a look around the information pages and you will want to invite Jean Pierre to your village as well.

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